Online survey of refugee

Online survey of refugee clients of the Resettlement Assistance Program Ottawa, July 10, 2024—Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is conducting an online survey of government-assisted refugees on their experiences with the Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP). The survey will help IRCC understand which resettlement initiatives are working well, and which need improvement. IRCC can then […]

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Toronto’s temporary resident population

Toronto’s temporary resident population has increased significantly. Now, many feel unsupported and blamed. Temporary residents in the Toronto area have increased rapidly in the last year. Here’s why they’re struggling Tue Jul 02 05:00:00 EDT 2024 Moving half a world away from her family in India, 22-year-old Radhika Raina found comfort in Brampton, where she

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Explore Toronto Canada

Explore Toronto Canada: Discover the Must-See Sights of Toronto! From iconic landmarks like the CN Tower to the charming streets of Kensington Market, explore the diverse and vibrant attractions that make Toronto a top destination for visitors from around the world. Sure! Here are some popular sightseeing spots in Toronto, Canada: CN Tower: One of

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Immigrating to Canada?

Want to Know the Benefits of Immigrating to Canada? Get the Insights/Expertise You Need from Our Team Canada is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, diverse culture, and high quality of life. But what truly makes Canada an ideal destination for immigrants? At GFK Immigration, we understand the complexities and challenges of relocating to a new

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Exploring Toronto

Exploring Toronto: Your Gateway to a Vibrant Life in Canada Welcome to GFK Immigration, your trusted partner in making your dream of living in Canada a reality. Today, we’re excited to take you on a virtual tour of Toronto, one of Canada’s most dynamic and multicultural cities. Whether you’re a student, a professional, a family,

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