Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship

The goal of family class immigration is “to see that families are reunited in Canada” (IRPA, s 3(1)(d)).

Section 12(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) specifically allows permanent immigration “… as a member of the family class on the basis of their relationship as the spouse, common-law partner, child, parent or other prescribed family member of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.”

Features off family class sponsorship include

  • A modern definition of “family” that includes common law, conjugal, and same-sex partners;
  • The ability to sponsor a relative as young an age as 18;
  • A new definition of “dependent child;”
  • A new sponsorship stream for parents and grandparents;
  • A provision for adoption – keeping with the principle of the “best interests of the child” – that directly leads to citizenship for the adoptee;
  • An exemption for spouses and dependent children under 19 from medical grounds of inadmissibility

One of the stated objectives of Canadian immigration policy is to facilitate family reunification (IRPA, s 3(1)(d)). Under family class immigration, the selection of permanent resident applications is bases on the relationships of applicants to their sponsors who are either Canadian permanent residents or citizens.

GFK Immigration will guide you through application and assessment process by carefully advising you on the eligibility criteria/process, the undertaking and obligations of sponsorship, the sponsorship agreement, financial requirements etc.

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